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Kinetic and Tactile Sculptures

Tactile, Photo-Kinetic and Thermo-Kinetic Sculptures by Joseph Federer

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Solar System Project 1 - Overview
Solar System Project 1 – a Tactile Sculpture with Sonification

Images and details here.

Cold Trap Chandelier
Photo Kinetic Sculpture - Cold Trap

Photo-Kinetic Sculpture “Cold Trap”

Images and details here.

Thermo Kinetic Sculpture - Erbschaft/Nahrung

Thermo-Kinetic Sculpture “Erbschaft/Nahrung”

Images and details here.

Cold Trap and Oh My Darling

Photo-Kinetic Sculptures use LEDs to produce interesting patterns in a space-based context. Thermo-Kinetic Sculptures use changes in ambient temperature or humidity to activate parts of a sculpture to indicate approximate conditions.

The first 2 Photo-Kinetic Sculptures represent the Lunar South Pole. Using LROC and Clementine imagery, the central light pillars represent the water that we now know exists in that area.

The first Thermo-Kinetic Sculpture represents family heritage. Combining maternal heritage in agriculture with paternal heritage in music, wagon shafts and a violin form represent “Erbshaft/Nahrung” (Heritage/Sustenance).

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