Kinetic Synergy Inc.

FileMaker Pro Database Development

FileMaker and SQL

KSI has created many dozens of database solutions, utilizing various database software programs, and have also used a number of web-enabled technologies and browser interfaces. In addition, we have had extensive experience in FileMaker integration with SQL databases, and the creation of web-based e-business solutions, system design and implementation.

We can help you integrate your existing FileMaker Pro solution with a SQL back-end, or help migrate your entire FileMaker solution to a new SQL-based client/server database system (e.g. SQL Server, MySQL, etc.). Or perhaps you need to have your SQL database pass data to or from FileMaker during the progressive transition of your FileMaker to SQL conversion. We can do that for you as well.

Whether you need to customize or enhance your existing system, create a new solution, or migrate your existing database to a new platform, KSI can help.