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Free your Notes Data! - oTool

oTool is a Notes® based tool for exporting data from ANY unencrypted Notes database. A single parameters form defines the 4 items required for successful oTool operation: Server, db Path, View Name, and target Folder. The export process is very fast.

oTool supports the export of both text and RTF data (Notes Attachments) to the file system. Non-RTF data are exported to CSV files using any specified delimiter, and RTF data to identified file folders. Data export selection is by way of custom Notes Views. You have complete control of data filtering and structure. oTool requires the ability to create Views with the appropriate structure and selection criteria.


Help with your Notes Migrations

We have deep resources and expertise in migrating Lotus data and applications. Whether your needs are simply to get data out of Notes, or a complete migration strategy and campaign, we can help.

We would be pleased to discuss your migration needs and work with you on using oTool as part of your migration process.

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