Kinetic Synergy Inc.

IBM/HCL Notes Database Development

Lotus/Domino Out-Migrations

Notes/Domino Data Export

Using oTool, our proprietary data export tool, KSI can make your data ready for any target system. Our tool and expertise allow us to export both text and RTF data (Notes Attachments) to the file system, from where import to any target system is straightforward. Non-RTF data are exported to CSV files using any specified delimiter, and RTF data to identified file folders. Data export selection is by way of custom Notes Views, so you have complete control of data filtering and structure.

Contact jfederer (you know what goes here) for more information and an estimate of project costs.

Mail/Calendar/Contacts Migration

KSI has expertise and experience in migrating from Notes Mail to Google Mail Enterprise. Using Google's migration tools, complete email history and archives can be migrated to Google Mail with full fidelity. For users who prefer a dedicated email client with local data, we recommend the free multi-platform VMWare Zimbra mail client. If you prefer MS Outlook, we can assist you with that option as well.

Lotus Notes to SharePoint (LN2SP) Migration

We have resources and expertise in migrating Lotus websites and applications. In particular, we have experienced personnel whose specialty is migrating applications from Notes/Domino to MS SharePoint. Experience includes:

  • Result driven expert technical leadership in strategic planning, analyzing, designing, executing, testing and implementing migration solutions from Lotus technology (Lotus Notes, QuickPlace/Quickr) to SharePoint technology with high data fidelity. Extremely good understanding of Lotus Notes data and design and how best to migrate to SharePoint.
  • 3 years of expertise in the use of Quest migration tools to migrate to SharePoint.
  • 18 years of expertise of Lotus Notes design and data. Led several major Global organizations to provide end to end solutions starting with getting business requirement to design, development, testing and implementation of complex Lotus Notes applications.
  • 3 years experience with SharePoint applications, SharePoint Designer, InfoPath Designer, Visual Studio, C#. Created SharePoint web applications (site collection, sites, lists, libraries, workflows).
  • 12 years of experience in designing and developing Lotus Notes web applications using Lotus Script, LSX, ODBC, Java Script, HTML, DHTML, CSS, SQL, Java agents, JAVA, JDBC and XML.

Please contact Joe at jfederer (you know what goes here) to discuss the many options available.