Kinetic Synergy Inc.

Software Project Management

4 Ds of Software Project Management

We employ the following software project management approach to help us to deliver projects on schedule and within budget. This ensures that our clients always receive a quality solution that exceeds their expectations.


We meet with the client to define the objectives and specifications of the project. A project plan is created to ensure that all aspects of the project are covered and scheduled in a timely manner.


We complete a comprehensive analysis of the client’s business requirements and mutually decide on a solution that best meets their needs. We outline the structure of the system – its design, its content and its functionality with the client’s staff, and identify the client and KSI project team representatives. We review the client’s work flow to learn more of how the current system is used, and how the new system would be the same or different.


We develop the first beta copy as the first draft of a working model of the new system. The tables and files are populated with sample data, as provided by the client. We would present and deliver the first beta to the client for their evaluation and feedback for possible further changes or corrections. We would modify the beta copy to rectify problems with the first beta, within the overall scope of the project. Additional beta copies would be submitted as necessary to ensure that it conforms to the specifications of the project.


The final solution would be installed, the system integrated as required, and the client’s users trained.